The Pete Foundation is dedicated to keeping our community safe and well. The strategies below outline our reopening proposal, which was submitted to Governor Andy Beshear.

Volunteer Support

  1. The event is offered by our core PeteFest volunteers; a team of 15 dedicated staff.
  2. All planning and teamwork prior to the event will occur remotely/via telework.
  3. All volunteers will be provided masks.  Gloves will be available in sufficient numbers that contaminated gloves can be disposed of, and new gloves applied.
  4. All volunteers will have a personal bottle of hand sanitizer.
  5. Face shields are available for any volunteers desiring this level of protection.
  6. All volunteers are dedicated to ensuring that all CDC distancing guidance are adhered to by all in attendance.
  7. In addition to volunteer support, The Pete Foundation will contract with an off-duty officer to provide additional security presence, and support to volunteer staff.


  1. All tickets sold for this event must be purchased in advance, online.  No ticket sales will occur on site, or in person.
  2. A ticket will be for the use of a well-defined 15’x15’ box within which the purchaser will enjoy the event.  The purchaser would be allowed to bring up to 5 other guests from his/her family or household (a maximum of 6 persons per space) at no additional charge.
  3. The number of boxes available will be limited to 32. 
  4. Guests will be strictly limited to their box for the duration of the event, with the exception of restroom usage (see below) and food or drink purchase (see below).
  5. At the entry to the event, all guests will be checked in from their car.  Checking in will take place by the guest cracking their car window and the volunteer will take the name of the party.  This will be a no-contact entry process.

Guest Requirements

  1. Masks will be required for attendance. 
  2. Anyone presenting without a mask will be provided a free mask.
  3. A mask must be worn at all times that a guest is outside their designated space, and will be encouraged while in the space, if the guest is not eating or drinking.

Site Layout

  1. The event will be held on a privately-owned 90-acre nature preserve located in Jefferson County, at 8401 Dawson Hill Road, Louisville, KY 40299.
  2. There will not be any common gathering areas, or large tents.  Therefore, the event will be weather dependent. If it rains, the event will be postponed to the following day. If it rains the following day, the event will be cancelled and all ticket buyers will be issued a full refund.
  3. The 15’x15’ spaces will be separated by 10’ pedestrian isle ways.  Each isle way would be marked as one directional. Markers and signage will be placed in each isle way 6’ apart so guests can easily maintain distance in the case that another person is in the isle way.
  4. Each space will come equipped with a cardboard trash can with removable plastic bag.  Guests will be asked to remove their garbage at the end of the event and take it to their home for disposal.
  5. Each space will come with a dispenser of hand sanitizer.
  6. An information station will be available for guest support.  Barriers will be in place so that appropriate distancing is enforced.
  7. A first aid tent will be available with medical staff in appropriate protective equipment in the event a guest is in need of aid.

Restroom Facilities

  1. There will be a bank of portable restrooms conveniently located, but also situated such that guests will be 6 feet apart when approaching. 
  2. There will be as many portable restrooms as spaces sold for the event.  Each space will have a designated restroom so as to avoid the chance of cross contamination from other guests from different households. 
  3. Four additional restrooms will be available for volunteer staff usage with assignments made so that cross contamination is minimized. Volunteers will be required to wipe down all surfaces touched with sanitizing wipes immediately after use.
  4. Hand sanitizer will available at each restroom. 
  5. Hands-free water sinks will be available for hand washing.

Food and Drink

  1. For those wishing to enjoy the chance to purchase refreshments at the event, there will be one food truck and limited beverage options.
  2. The food truck and bar will have barriers and markers in place to ensure social distancing while ordering. The point of pick-up will be separated from the ordering location. Volunteers will sanitize surfaces at the point of pick-up frequently.
  3. All beverage options will be prepackaged or sold in cans or bottles.


  1. Gates will open one hour before any presentation or performance begins to allow sufficient staggering of guest arriving.
  2. After a guest car arrives and is checked in, the car will be directed to parking.  Cars will be parked so that all cars are at a minimum of 6 feet apart to allow guests to exit their cars and proceed to the event area while maintaining sufficient distancing.
  3. At the end of the event, all volunteer workers will be involved in encouraging guests to maintain social distancing as they exit to their cars.  Again, the cars will be parked to naturally enforce the distancing requirements.